Les 3 Frères Brussels

Image by Davy Verbeke

Les 3 Frères – A cafe to Christmas chill

I am an only child (do not worry: my childhood years were not that traumatic). But if I had had brothers and/or sisters, I kinda would have liked to open a café with them. Finding an appropriate name would have been easy.

Les 3 frères (French for ‘the 3 brothers’) is a family business that opened up a couple of years ago. It is run by three brothers and some extra staff. I always come here for a re-hydrating after-beer after I’ve been climbing (check the Itinéraires AMO article). 

The atmosphere of this awesome cafe always reminds me of a cosy Christmas day as a child with the entire family at grandma and grandpa’s (I’m an only child, but I do have 12 aunts, 14 uncles and 37 cousins on my mother’s side). Why does Les 3 Frères remind me of these Christmas times?

Well. The floor has a lovely old mosaic pattern. Hundreds of white lights decorate the walls and window. Many different beers on the table, served with expertise and love. Eat a traditional Belgian meal. Or a dried sausage. Play one of the many parlor games present. Have cake. I’m not really a cake fanatic, but my girlfriend almost melted like chocolate when she had the 3 Frères brownie.

Do you find it getting too dull inside, with all those grown-up conversations and activities? Then you can just go and play basketball or soccer on the big Louis Morichar public square in front of the bar, while the elders keep an eye on you.

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Details about this spot



Roemeniëstraat 56, Brussels

Opening Times

Mon -Fri 15:00 - 01:00


Dried sausage: € 2.5

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