Our Top 5 Local Beer Spots in Brussels

No country in the world has such an abundant and divergent beer tradition as Belgium does. What better way to experience its capital Brussels than through beer? This article will take you through the quest of spotting the tastiest beers in town!

Malting Pot Brussels

photo by Davy Verbeke

Local spotter Davy would like to share his two cents on how to discover the intriguing cultural facet of Belgium, namely beer. Simply said, whatever you do, don’t end up going to one of the many tourist-trap beer shops in the city center. Of course, if you’re not from around Brussels, we can’t expect you to have that beer-radar. And that’s why we’re here! Malting Pot is the go-to shop offering over 200 different craft beers brewed by small, traditional breweries most of which come from Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia, stretching out to Danish, British, German, New Zealand and the American sources. The fact that the owner wrote his thesis on the social function of beer in Mesopotamia 5000 years ago should speak for itself; the guy knows his beer!

Beerstorming Brussels

photo by Beerstorming

This microbrewery stands out from the rest given their unique concept of actually offering the experience of brewing your own beer! How awesome is that?! No, you don’t need to do the tedious work, as the brewers will guide you through the process of selecting your preferred flavors and ingredients to create your ‘perfect’ beer. Alternatively, of course, if you don’t feel you have it in you, perhaps you could get some inspiration by popping in for a beer tasting or a couple pints.

L’Imaige Nostre-Dame Brussels 

photo by Nettah-Yoeli Rimmer

This cozy, cold-fashioned pub brings you to the European veneer of the city and has you relive the bustling medieval town that Brussels once was. Spotter Nettah likes to come by here for a peaceful drink in the dark, atmospheric estaminet having the luxury to choose amongst a large selection of abbey beers. Awesome note: this place is so reminiscent of old Brussels, even the toilet is still located outside, in a cupboard!

Au Soleil Brussels

by Wouter Spitters

This cozy bar accompanied by a lovely terrace just so happens to be among one of our spotter Wouter’s favorite bars in town. Offering good music, that adds to the atmosphere making for a great place to engage in a chat with a friend. On a nice, sunny day, you should make a festivity out of it sit outside and do some people-watching; an ideal spot to relax, read a book and sip on a cocktail, or as Wouter would recommend, the special cherry acidic beer!

Chaff Brussels

photo by Wouter Spitters

This wonderful spot holds weekly board game gatherings where dozens of people gather together to play, with so many to choose from whether it’s a simple game of chess or Stratego you’re looking for they have just about everything. What better way to spend your Thursday evening, than playing with a mate, or otherwise a complete stranger (what better way to make some new friends?!) over an excellent beer, a board game and delicious food?!

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