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Beca’s Kitchen – Passion for great food

Her name is Beca. Andreea Beca. One day, she gave up the corporate world, took up professional cooking classes and reinvented herself – the result is Beca’s Kitchen.

The place is very small, but cozy and quiet, with superb music in the background, just enough to accompany the great dishes Beca creates herself. The menu is different every day, so you can be sure it’s fresh. Two things are certain: it will not be anything ordinary and it will be delicious. The staff are very friendly and they always make sure you have a great culinary experience; Beca herself is there almost every night.

I was there in April this year to celebrate my best friend’s birthday and someone in the restaurant asked Beca what she recommended from the menu. Her lovely – and truthful – reply was: “I can only recommend everything, all dishes are like my own babies, I can’t choose between them”.

Go and visit Beca to see (and taste!) what passion for food is like – you won’t regret it! And let me know what you had!

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Details about this spot



80 Mihai Eminescu, Bucharest

Opening Times

Tue - Fri 18:00 - 22:00


Soup: Leu 12


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