Da Lorenzo Bucharest

Image by Andra Badea

Da Lorenzo – Napoli in Old City

Every Romanian who’s ever been to Italy will tell you that what you can find in most of our restaurants is not pizza. It’s mainly a stew on bread. Because we like rich foods with plenty of ingredients, three types of sausage, cheese, eggs and a pile of veggies. There are also those who’ve been to Italy and say “mozzarella and tomato sauce do not make a pizza” – the irony is lost on them, I know.

The first group can now be found at Da Lorenzo. (The latter probably decided to stick to homemade stew.) This little Italian place in the middle of our Old City has the “little family owned restaurant” flavor and also the “oh my god, this pizza melts in your mouth” flavor.

Other flavors include : “this Panini should have groupies “, “the pasta made me forget my home address”, and ” I want to take this tiramisu out to dinner.”┬áTry them all and you’ll thank me.


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Details about this spot



Gabroveni 3, Bucharest

Opening Times

12:00 - 22:00 daily


Pizza: Leu 30

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