Muzeul Tehnic Bucharest

Image by Vlad Gheorghiu

Muzeul Tehnic – Dimitrie Leonida Technical Museum

Dimitrie Leonida Technical Museum was founded in 1909 by Dimitrie Leonida, a Romanian engineer. He was the one that founded the first school for training electricians and mechanics in Romania and the museum was populated with the help of his students.

The museum is very educational with many installations explaining the principles behind the magnetic fields, electric fields or more advanced like thermo-electric power station. The variety is astonishing, you can even see models for the horse powered oil extraction technology or nuclear plant technology (from the 60s, a bit outdated but still interesting to see).

The most interesting pieces in the museum are models of Traian Vuia’s (he was the first to demonstrate in 1906 that a flying apparatus could rise into the air by running on wheels upon an ordinary road, though it couldn’t sustain the flight) and Henri Coanda’s planes (he built the first jet engine in history and also discovered the Coanda effect of fluid dynamics). Also you’re able to see, in real life, the first aerodynamic automobile called PERSU (it was built by a Romanian engineer named Aurel Persu). But these are just the tip of the iceberg, there are over 5000 pieces in the museum.

The courtyard containing many interesting pieces is closed for the next 12 months, but the indoor part is well worth a visit on its own.

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