Palatul Patriarhiei Bucharest

Image by Vlad Gheorghiu

Palatul Patriarhiei – Patriarchal Palace

The Palace of the Patriarchate is a building situated on the plateau of Dealul Mitropoliei, one of the very few hills in Bucharest. It is now part of the Patriarchate of the Romanian Orthodox Church headquarters, one of the centres of Romanian Orthodoxy. Alongside it you can also find the Romanian Patriarchal Cathedral (built in 1658), the Bell tower (built in 1698) or the Patriarch’s home. 

The hill is now used by the church exclusively, but until only 20 years ago, the palace was the HQ for the Chamber of Deputies in an interesting combination of placing legislative and religious power in the same spot, a custom that started in the 17th century.

The Palace is built on the spot where in 1859, 30.000 people gathered for the electoral assembly that voted the union between Tara Romaneasca and Moldova (the birth of the Romanian state). Looking over the city and enjoying the view the hill offers, I can see why this spot was the core of the political and religious life for 3 centuries. 

I tend to visit this place very often as it offers one of the greatest walks you can have in the city. Starting from the Unirii square, going uphill (and enjoying some of the few slope-built houses in the city) until the palace, catching my breath at the top and then descending on the other side. Not a long walk, but one connected to the city’s history and legacy. 

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Aleea Dealul Mitropoliei, nr. 25, Bucharest

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24 hours daily




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