Parcul Carol Bucharest

Image by Vlad Gheorghiu

Parcul Carol – Carol Park

If you like your stroll with a side of history and politics, Carol Park is the way to go. Built in 1906 to mark the celebration of the then 40-year rule of king Carol, the park outlasted a monarchy and a communist dictatorship to now become a national heritage site open to joggers, clubbers and museum-goers.

It hosts the Roman Arenas (check the Arenele Romane article), a well-known concert venue, and the Leonida Technical Museum, rich in all things mechanic, both destinations in themselves as they are part of the original ensemble of the park.

What makes it remarkable to the local’s mind, though, is the Mausoleum, a communist-era addition. The eerie and imposing 157-feet monument – which to some resembles an alien landing port – commemorates the unknown fallen soldiers who fought for the country. You can see the guarded eternal flame in front of it, where you might also catch a change of guards. Check it out whatever the season, it has the absolute best view of the park and surroundings, Palace of the Parliament included.

Sights-wise you’re in for a treat, since Carol park is one of the few places in town with a hill to it. That makes it extra fun for skaters, bikers and joggers who get a kick out of the ups and downs, but also to the amateur photographers who know where you can catch one of the best perspectives in town.

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4th district, Bucharest

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24 hours daily
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