Seneca Anticafe Bucharest

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Seneca Anticafe – A space for your time

Your home away from home. Or your office away from the office. Depending on your needs, at Seneca Anticafe you can relax or work. Your choice – you only pay for the time there. One of the best payments I’ve made lately, if I may say so.

At Seneca Anticafe you can find self-service tea and snacks, books, journals, boardgames and a bunch of work facilities you may need if you decide to move your regular office for a day or more. If you want to eat or drink something else, there’s a variety of small stores nearby and you can bring the products there with you. And if you stay over five hours, the rest of the time spent there is free!

The good vibes of the place are enhanced by its location close to two of the most important parks in Bucharest – Kiseleff and Herastrau, where you can ride a bike or roller blade when the weather is nice. I feel this place will expand soon because there will be so many people using it that there won’t be enough space!


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Details about this spot



Architect Ion Mincu Street, No. 1, Bucharest

Opening Times

10:00 - 22:00 daily


Hour: Leu 8


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