Social 1 Bucharest

Image by Andra Badea

Social 1 – Restaurant inspired by the communist era

If I was a betting girl I’d say every Bucharest tourist guide encourages you to visit the House of Parliament- the King Kong of communist era buildings. Since I’m that sure you’ll be in the area I’m going to recommend something a little more subtle and a lot more “eye candy-ish”, inspired by the same era.

This is Social 1: fresh new restaurant with a nostalgic side, located in front of the House of Parliament on a very green and quiet boulevard. The moment you walk in you are overwhelmed by the whimsical memorabilia and well thought out ironic details. Your eyes go back and forth from the meat grinder and sausage machine to the floor stickers that say “dictator’s favorite” or the “one for all” social marguerita in the menu.

Don’t worry though, when it comes to the food the similarities end. So instead of “parizer” (meat paste salami) you get duck confit along with a lot of other delights from all around the world. My personal favorite was the tiramisu served in a chocolate teacup. Yes, that’s right: you get to eat the cup.

And at the end of dinner, feeling full, satisfied and amused, still sipping from your lemonade jar, you look up and see their neon sign up on the wall saying “You had me at hello”.

Isn’t that true?

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Details about this spot



Bulevardul Unirii, 1, Bucharest

Opening Times

Mon 12:00 - 00:00, Tue - Sun 10:00 - 00:00


Tiramisu: Leu 21


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