Tineretului Bucharest

Image by Mihai Petre

Tineretului – A park with a wild side

I always believed that the purpose of a city park is to be the “sample” for a full blown nature getaway. Or the substitute when you need a hiding place. And although Bucharest has many parks, very few of them fulfill this purpose. Cismigiu is too small and “manmade”, Herastrau is overwhelmed by terraces, IOR is full of neighborhood families and so on.

At first, Tineretului may not seem like the winner in this competition. My best friend who’s also a Bucharest born recently told me that she always believed this park to be kind of barren and simple, judging by its main entrance and alley. Until I took her to my favorite, secret, spot.

Now she’s a believer and we often seek refuge there when we need some quality “let’s talk about anything and everything” time. It’s not very easy to find and you have a lot of walking to do, starting at the Sincai entrance, moving left and circling the lake. At a certain point you’ll start to see less people, no benches, just trees, grass and water. When you come across the little bridge, look to the other side and you’ll spot the four wooden tables and benches.

Now simply hide.

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Parcul Tineretului, Bucharest

Opening Times

24 hours daily


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