Trattoria La Famiglia Bucharest

Image by Andra Badea

Trattoria La Famiglia – Peaceful and hidden

In my opinion all travels should include: narrow streets, small cafes where you can talk to the owner and quiet lunches. I’ll make it my mission to help you get those here, in Bucharest.

So let’s start with the latter – quiet lunches. I’ve written a previous article about one of my favorite areas, the Kretzulescu Church and Athenaeum area (read the Kretzulescu article) that is just perfect for a lazy day to recharge your traveler batteries. One of the essentials of a lazy day is of course the perfect quiet lunch spot.

I give you: Trattoria la Famiglia. Hidden away on a narrow street, (I want to say “killing two birds with one stone” but I’m against animal cruelty) behind the Athenaeum is this little Italian place, with lots of flowers, good pizza, just a few tables and not many passersby – the perfect applicant for the “lazy lunch spot”.

Let me know if it wins.

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Details about this spot



Strada Golescu Nicolae nr. 14, Bucharest

Opening Times

09:00 - 23:00 daily

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