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Tamás Tossenberger (1987)

About me
I’m Tamás, I’ve lived in Budapest since 2006. In the meantime, I went through Y-generation things and some other fun stuff: Erasmus, Hollywood movie, Sziget Festival, Couchsurfing, working in journalism, PR, diplomacy and today in the startup scene.

On the very surface: I am open to everything that serves the idea of “sound body, sound mind”. I do whatever kind of sports, try to do as many sustainable activities as I can, and try to pick up as many stories and smart thoughts as possible.

I consider culture a soft power and for me Spotted by the Locals is a community of underground ambassadors. Feel free to ask me for advice.

Why Budapest?
Because I always knew that I had to end up here. Because this city has so many faces that it is often filmed as Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen, Moscow, Munich and what not. But in my imaginary (and a bit biased) movie scenarios, there is no city to play the role of Budapest.

A Parisienne told me once, that for her, Budapest is Europe’s number one city. I don’t dare disagree.

Where else can you find me online?

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