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Zita Huszthy (1990)

About me
I am Zita and I’ve been living in Budapest since 2001. I was born here in the 90s, then I grew up in the countryside. When I moved back, I felt like I belong here. And this feeling has stayed strong until today.

I studied art history, specialized in history of architecture and I used to guide tours. I also write short stories. Now I work part-time in a coffee shop as a barista and in a contractor office. I lived for a while in the UK and in Rome.

Here in Budapest (and, when it’s possible, also in the foreign cities) I go everywhere by bike. I am a member of the Hungarian Cyclists’ Club and I write articles and make photos for its cycling style blog.

Sport is also an important part of my life. I play volleyball, do yoga, functional training, swimming, running etc. This city provides so many opportunities in this field also.

Why Budapest
What I love the most is the Danube, which is always changing, and how it forms the pattern of the city. I love crossing the bridges or bike along the banks, but my favourite thing is to go over the Margit-sziget (one of the islands, which is a giant public park) and smell the flowers or the fallen leaves.

I love that you can find everything you’d expect in a European city here; fine art exhibitions, classical or pop concerts, little cinemas, subculture events, high quality restaurants and bars, indoor/outdoor sports… and even if you feel like walking in the forest, you just need to catch a bus for a few stops and you’ll already find yourself in nature.

Then there’s the beautiful and adventurous architecture, of course! Lucky us; most of our old buildings have remained safe or were rebuilt during the 20th century, so the architectural style is quite homogeneous. Still, you can find a whole neighbourhood from the Romans, architectural details from the Ottoman times, baroque churches or hypermodern steel and glass buildings. But at the same time each district has its own, charming atmosphere.

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