Corvin Club Budapest

Image by Miklos Zsamboki

Corvin Club – On the rooftops of the city

Corvin Club, formerly Corvintető (Corvin Roof) is a club and bar with an open-air area inside and atop Corvin Department Store, an ugly, grey, communist-era building at Blaha Lujza metro station.

Finding the place is a bit tricky, which lends it a sort of “hidden treasure” charm: you have to walk into a side street and look for a cargo elevator at the end of a short passageway, inside a fast food buffet with the sign “Corvin Kifozde”. You can’t call the elevator down – it keeps going up and down every few minutes (or you can take the stairs to the top floor, but that’s much less fun). As a very nice touch, really thirsty or impatient party-goers can buy some drinks from the friendly elevator attendant’s icebox.

In the club you can buy drinks, sit down at a table for a chat, or take to the dance floor. However, if you’re there during the summer and want to see what’s really cool about Corvin Club, you should look for stairs leading up to the building’s spacious rooftop with its own bar, plenty of seating, and much easier conversation without the loud music that’s sometimes played. On a warm evening you can really chill out and chat away with a cool urban backdrop surrounding you – and if you get restless, the dance floor is right below.

Do note that the rooftop closes for the winter; no exact closing or opening date, it depends on the weather.

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Blaha Lujza tér 1-2, Budapest

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Opening Times

Mon - Sat 18:00 - 05:00


Beer: HUF 500


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