Empanada Story Budapest

Image by Iulia Notaros

Empanada Story – A taste of Argentina

Argentina is the land of tango, surreal literary mazes and Diego or Leo (depending on your footballing allegiances). Argentina is also the land of empanadas, though, as with many types of food, other lands might claim ownership, but such ownership can never be anything but blurry. Nor does it influence our current state of affairs, as the tiny shop that offers empanadas on Nagymező street is most definitely Argentinian. If by now you’re wondering what empanadas are, they are baked turnovers with various types of filling (empanar meaning ‘enbread’ in Spanish), a bit similar to the Indian samosa or the Russian pierogi.

Though Budapest has many types of international cuisine, it was missing an Argentinian representative, and Empanada Story arrived just in time to fill this gaping hole. It’s of course not enough to be present, you’d better be good as well. And these empanadas are simply exquisite (like one of those Messi free kicks no one can defend, so now you know my footballing allegiances). I’d be hard-pressed to choose a favourite, but perhaps I’ll go for the ham and cheese one, though the traditional beef is also a must, and don’t miss out on the chimichurri sauce either. The shop only serves empanadas, plus some sweets, refreshments and obviously Argentinian wine, so service is quick- you just choose your favourite types (I generally go for three, whereas a hungrier man might opt for a fiver) and they are promptly warmed in the oven and ready to enjoy.

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Nagymező utca 34, Budapest

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Opening Times

Sun - Thu 10:00 - 22:30, Fri - Sat 10:00 - 23:00


Beef empanada: HUF 450


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