Giant Egret Mural Budapest

Image by Zita Huszthy

Giant Egret Mural – It is literally great

Budapest has great minds who create great things. There is the Colorful City Group (Színes Város Csoport), an association that colors public spaces; there is the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) and there is Zsanna Zsuffa, design student. And then there are the empty firewalls that have remained lonely since WWII’s bombs destroyed their neighbours.

So, the MOME, which is located just a corner away, launched a design competition, Zsanna won it and the members of the Group painted each detail to lighten up the 300-square-meter wall of this apartment block and remind the passersby of the importance of environmental protection.

The great egret is a highly protected species in Hungary and you can find this bird’s miniature image on the 5 Forint coins too. As Zsanna states in the making-of, she wanted to reflect the harmful effects of air pollution.

You can meet several other stunning murals in Budapest, find out more on the Colorful City Group’s site!

Update: in May 2019 a competition was held to choose a new painting for this wall but so many people protested that at the end the organizers have decided to keep the egret. We just love it!

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