Matrjoska Kroshka Budapest

Image by Zita Huszthy

Matrjoska Kroshka – Honest, vegan, Russian

I do eat meat, I love cheese and really appreciate a perfect soft-boiled egg for breakfast. However, Matrjoska Kroshka makes vegan food enjoyable and exciting also for those who don’t follow this lifestyle. With its special Russian cuisine, this restaurant is exceptional among the other meatless places in Budapest.

What’s ‘honest’ here? First, they don’t use additives, colouring and preservatives at all; only pure ingredients from vegetables make up the dishes. Second, the Russian owner, Natasha (who now speaks fluent Hungarian) already had a bistro nearby. Nearly everyone in Budapest has heard about ‘that great Russian restaurant’ then suddenly she closed it. As she explained in a farewell video, the decision was made purely for her to stay true to her guests, since in recent years Natasha has transitioned to a vegan lifestyle. The whole staff shares such a peaceful, honest attitude, and this creates a very nice and friendly atmosphere at the new place.

Basically, Matrjoska Kroshka is a take-away place (with eco-friendly packages of course) with veggie burgers, soup and pelmenyi (Russian stuffed pasta) and you will find freshly baked homemade bread here every Wednesday.

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Details about this spot



Baross utca 6, Budapest

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Opening Times

Tue - Sat 11:00 - 19:30


Vegan burger: HUF 1980


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