Streetart by 0036mark Budapest

Image by Kuntay Bahtiyar

Streetart by 0036mark – Surprising streetart finds

0036mark’s works are elusive and ephemeral by nature: as he uses paper pasted onto surfaces, many of his pieces slowly wear away, or disappear suddenly when buildings are renovated or painted afresh. This transitory nature however only adds to their charm, as they are clever mashups of beloved Hungarian cartoons and global pop culture elements (say Daft Punk playing at Mézga Aladár’s house), making social commentary while at the same time transporting us to the more innocent times of our lost childhood.

One of his most recent works sees Maxipotzak, the bloodthirsty bat from the popular Macskafogó (Cat City) animation film, sitting peacefully if somewhat ominously in a pot of oriental soup, his arm tattooed with a paraphrased (and grammatically more correct) line from The Streets’ “Where The F*&K Did April Go”: whoever said a single person can’t change the world never ate an undercooked bat.

Given its popularity, this piece can be easily found on Varsányi Irén street, right across from MóKa Café, but the real fun of 0036mark’s work is randomly spotting it across the city. Those familiar with Hungarian cartoons will recognize it instantly, but after a while even those who don’t necessarily know the characters will get to know the style. It is witty and irreverent, embracing the kind of ideas that seem so natural once you see them, but then realise you could not have come up with them in a thousand years.

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Varsányi Irén utca, Budapest

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24 hours daily


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