The Invisible Exhibition Budapest

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The Invisible Exhibition – A blind trust

This permanent exhibition is a unique journey, guided by a blind or partially sighted person, giving an unforgettable insight into their life. The idea of the exhibition came from a German guy, who wanted to experience how his blind wife lives.

The tour lasts for 1 hour in total darkness, in 7 different rooms, all you can rely on are your other senses: touching, hearing, smelling etc., it is a team work inside here!

The rooms represent our daily life: street, where you have to cross the road; a bar, where you try to pay for a drink; a museum, with statues.

The guides are very kind and funny, telling interesting stories about their life. The roles change inside: the blind are those who can orient and we, the seeing people must rely on them. Once I was late, so the others already started the tour. When I caught up with them in the dark, I could only imagine what they looked like. When we came out, we were laughing so much, because they weren’t at all as I imagined and vice versa.

The exhibition has a visible section as well, where you can test objects used by blind people in their daily life.

Groups (2-8 persons) starts every 15 minutes. For foreign language tours you have to book an appointment 1 day earlier by phone or email. The organizers offer 2 new programmes: Invisible Dinner and Invisible Massage – I haven’t tried it yet, for further information visit their website.

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Kis Rókus u. 16-20., Budapest

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10:00 - 20:00 daily


Ticket weekdays: HUF 1700


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