Tisza Cipő Budapest

Image by Hélène Bienvenu

Tisza Cipő – Footwear made in Hungary

If you start paying attention to what the 18-something-and-over Hungarians have on their feet, you’ll notice that they wear some fashionable leather sport shoes with a logo shaped as a ‘T’. These shoes are called Tisza cipő and you can find them only in Hungary!

Tisza is one of the most successful Hungarian accessory brands, there are also Tisza bags, T-shirts and a couple of other accessories. I myself wear Tisza shoes almost every day! They are elegant enough for all kinds of occasions, very comfortable and long-lasting.

Well of course, they cost a bit (roughly € 90 a pair), but take it as long-term investment and as a way of meeting cool Hungarians in here and abroad! I made a couple of unexpected friends through my good old Tiszas, getting off the train in my hometown, 30km away from Paris for instance!

The reason why the brand is so popular has to do with its history. The original Tisza trademark dates back to 1971. At that time, they were the only shoes available on the Hungarian communist ‘market’. After the fall of communism, Hungary stopped producing them.

László Vidák (who is behind the Menza restaurant in Budapest), surfing on the ‘retro’ wave a few years ago, decided to reintroduce his childhood footwear. He turned the Tisza shoes into fashionable items and opened his first shop in 2003 where you can still get your own Tiszas (tip: you can also buy them at WestEnd shopping mall, which remains open later).

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Mon - Fri 10:00 - 19:00, Sat 09:00 - 16:00


Shoes: HUF 29000


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