Top 5 Favorite Local Coffee Spots in Budapest

Coffee is instilled in the life of Hungarians. They love to start their day off with coffee – usually a super strong espresso, followed by more throughout the day.

The “black soup”, as they used to call it, was introduced in Hungary in the 16th century during the Turkish occupation. Coffee houses began to flourish through out the city during the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the 19th century, where over 400 coffee houses were then spread throughout the city.

The locals prefer usually prefer traditional coffee houses over chains. But there are some super cool 3rd wave coffee places popping up too! Here’s a selection of the coolest spots our locals love to visit.

Espresso Embassy Budapest

Espresso Embassy Budapest (by Helene Bienvenu)

In the midst of all the top-notch coffee bars in town, we can’t help but put this one among our top 5 picks. As local spotter Hélène would argue, as a patriot (and more) of Budapest, she is proud to call herself a coffee lover in the real sought-after destination for coffee lovers, which she can call home. With the emerging café scene in town, among the hipster cafes , a trendy term joins the club namely “cafeology”- the science of the craft of a real café- and Espresso Embassy does just that, whilst providing for quality coffee in a savvy spot, for cheap cost; what more can you ask for?

Tamp & Pull Budapest

Tamp & Pull Budapest (by Péter Nagy)

Owned by a barista-champion himself, he’s always dreamed of opening his own coffee café, and that’s exactly what he’s put upon himself of which the interior he’s put in his own hands; talk about a passion for what he does! Our spotter Timea notes how the best coffee beans, coffee machines and baristas are put into service, the trifecta to pure satisfaction. What adds to the quality of the products are the fact that they go through the extra effort of selecting and blending coffees from trade farms on offer, three different kinds at a single period, and one for each coffee; one for the espresso and ristretto, one for the milky drinks and finally, one for the ‘specialties’! Whether you’re looking to spend a long afternoon here or drop by for a quick and energizing to-go, this place will make your day, as our Timea would be able to vouch for!

Cydonia Tearoom Budapest

Cydonia Tearoom Budapest (by Mihály Lippai)

From the outside, this spot may look like a little bit of a dollhouse and perhaps to ‘girly’ for the general crowd, but we can reassure you this is not the case as the cup of tea or coffee you are served here will impress you. What spotter Mihály particularly recommends is their offer of desserts as she would describe her experience with a creamy sponge cake with mango topping as heavenly. Moreover, she reassures you that the patisseries they serve as well as their beverages are made with love.

Kelet Kávézó és Galéria Budapest

Kelet Kávézó és Galéria Budapest (by Timea Szodorai)

What better way to enjoy a cup of coffee than in the company of books, books and more books?! This spot offers a cozy oriental atmosphere, quality coffee, and a little library to keep you busy and immerse yourself in whatever literature it is you’re keen on discovering. Moreover, the selection they have to offer ranges from finely selection coffee beans, filter coffee, Turkish coffee, Dutch cocoa, loose leaf tea, cookies and Czech beers. Timea also notes how besides being a café, Kelet is also a cultural meeting place where concerts, literature nights and presentations are frequently held in the evenings.

Fekete Budapest

Fekete (by Helene Bienvenu)

Something spotter Hélène says she’s allergic to is Starbucks, as arguably any coffee lover may be able to agree with. Fekete is an outstanding spot that puts detail into their service, product and interior. This cosy, pop-up looking store makes the most delicious thick lattes, fine teas and homemade cakes and anything else that you may crave from your neighborhood café. Hélène particularly mentions how this spot is a good addition to the up and coming ‘renaissance’ of coffee culture, presented in a pure, trendy and elegant style, giving the Budapest café culture a good name


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