Mohammed Mahmud Cairo

Image by Habibaamustafa

Mohammed Mahmud – Graffiti

Located a few minutes away from the well-known Tahrir square and in front of the old American University campus is Mohammed Mahmud street, known for its political street art.

The graffiti began in 2011 as a form of protest; the artists painted on the walls in the area including the walls of the American University, lycée el horreya and the Greek campus, as well as the concrete blocks that the police had installed to stop the protests.

The graffiti depicts some Egyptian revolutionary figures as well as political messages in Arabic calligraphy. The street continued to be a place for Egyptian revolutionaries even after the 2011 events — you can see the evolution of the protests depicted on the walls of the area.

The street is now back to its normal state as the protests have died down but the messages on the wall are still there to remind us of the events that Egypt witnessed in the past decade. If you can’t speak Arabic, I suggest you have someone with you who can speak it in order to translate the written art for you.

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47 Mohammed Mahmud , Cairo

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