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Chris McKay (1983)

About me
I’ve been in Chicago since 2011.

I’m into new and unique experiences. I also enjoy a quality whiskey or cocktail bar and sometimes dancing.

The three things I do most often in Chicago is rock-climbing (at the gym), riding my motorcycle around town, and exploring new places.

Why Chicago?
Chicago is a very interesting place. Warm summers and cold winters. I particularly like the snow and crazy weather patterns here. It really reminds me that we are hardly in control of many things.

Chicago has BYOB’s (my favourite) and a fantastic array of great foods and cultures all mixed up in a single place. People in Chicago love getting outdoors and are super friendly. I love this city because there is ALWAYS something to do and there are new things to explore all the time.

Where can you find me online?
Chrisamckay’s weblog

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