Cho Sun Ok Restaurant Chicago

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Cho Sun Ok Restaurant – True Korean

Korean food in Chicago isn’t that difficult to find. But to find an authentic restaurant that is also BYOB where you can sit down at a table with a bunch of friends and have your meat cooking in front of you on a burner that is placed in the middle of the table is hard to find. This place has all of that. And the food is freaking amazing!! I love getting the Bulgogi with Octopus.  lso, please don’t forget to try the Seafood Pancake (Korean pancake). Tiny bowls with condiments? Check! Rude waitresses to the point of being comical? Check! Salt rocks for whatever reason? Check. Korean TV on the one TV? Check!

They are conveniently located down the street from a grocery store to buy your booze. Although I would recommend bringing your own bottles of Soju as this will give you Korean respect with the staff (they will still be asses but respect will be there, trust me). If you do want to go expect there to be a long wait time where you will be standing outside for a decent amount of time unless you go during very off hours. The only time I didn’t wait was when I went at 15:00 with a friend. Every other time it’s you and your friends standing in line outside with everyone else. You can find some free street parking around the neighborhoods but you will more than likely have to search for it.

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4200 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago

Opening Times

10:30 - 22:30 daily


From: USD 7.955


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