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CLLAW – Chicago League of Lady Arm Wrestlers

To call CLLAW an mere event is a sore understatement. OUTRAGEOUS SPECTACLE is more like it. The 32nd CLLAW will be held on the February 9th at Logan Square Auditorium. As a former CLLAW wrestler myself (yes, the famous CLLAW alum, Calamity Pain), take my word for it, you’re in for about 3 hours of totally raucous SHEnanigans fused with all of the energy and theatrics of burlesque, roller derby, WWE, drag shows, and more!

Each lady arm wrestler represents herself not just with her unique name, such as Hillary RodARM Clinton, Gal Fieri, Dr. Beverly Crush-her (you get the idea), but she is also esteemed and promoted by her manager and entourage throughout the event. At an elevated podium in the center of the auditorium, wrestlers match up one-on-one, working through the bracket to the championship. Penalties may result in blindfolded matches, and tiebreakers might be settle by push up contests or dance-offs. Local musicians perform before and during the event, as well. For a $20 admission, the evening is jam-packed with entertainment! Beer and booze are sold at the event. It’s 21+, so don’t forget your ID.

CLLAW began and continues to be a fundraiser to support its parent organization, Sideshow Theatre Company, and partnering Chicago arts- and/or women-focused nonprofits. This particular CLLAW event has partnered with GirlForward, committed to creating and improving opportunities for refugee women who have been displaced by conflict and persecution.

CLLAW is a great way to give back with a good time!

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North Kedzie Boulevard 2539, Chicago

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Feb 9th: doors open at 21:00


Admission: USD 20


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