Diversey Harbor Chicago

Image by Sydney Epstein

Diversey Harbor – Beautiful scenic views

In a city idolized for its towering skyscrapers, iconic landmarks and scenic views, there are several well-known spots with views that draw mass crowds of tourists and locals alike. These beloved spots do offer quality iconic views of the city; however, spots unknown to the mass public offer the beauty of the skyline coupled with the luxury of seclusion.

Such a spot is the pier at the harbor located on Diversey Avenue. Kept by locals as somewhat of an “intimate secret”, this harbor hosts an unbeatable view of the downtown skyscrapers lining the shore of Lake Michigan. Albeit spectacular, the view of the city offered at the edge of the Diversey Harbor is a familiar view, obtainable from other well-known spots in the city.

What makes this spot unique is the location at which this view is seen from. Farther north than most scenic spots in the city, Diversey Harbor is frequented less often than the other downtown lakeshore spots (i.e. North Avenue beach piers), allowing for a more quiet, intimate viewing experience. There is no better way to fall in love with the city than to take a walk to the pier and watch the sun set across the city in this quiet, serene setting.

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Details about this spot



2601 North Cannon Drive, Chicago

Opening Times

24 hours daily


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