Check-in Chisinau Chisinau

Image by Rodion Cicik

Check-in Chisinau – Take a selfie on a plane’s wing

So you have arrived in Chisinau? You’re still in the airport and you need to call mom just to reassure her that everything is OK. Maybe you want to check in in Chisinau so that your friends might be amazed how lucky you are to have a trip to this mysterious city.

Let me give you an idea for your first photo made in Chisinau: take a cab and ask the driver to stop by the old airplane installed outside right beside Chisinau Airport. 

It’s an Air Moldova Tupolev TU-134, a real old plane preserved by the authorities and transformed into a monument. The Tupolev Tu-134 is a legendary jet airliner “built in the Soviet Union from 1966 to 1989. It is the world’s most-produced twinjet of its class. The original version featured a glazed-nose design and, like certain other Russian airliners it can operate from unpaved airfields.” (from Wikipedia)

Newlyweds and graduates come here for epic pictures. This Tupolev in particular that’s waiting for you to explore it was built in 1978. Climb on the wing and take as many pictures as you want.

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Bulevardul Dacia 80/3, Chisinau

Opening Times

24 hours daily


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