Moda 'Din Inima' Chisinau

Image by Igor Socolov

Moda ‘Din Inima’ – Local fashion brands in one spot

There is no heavy industry or giant plants in Moldova, as we are a small country, but the industry we do have and for which we can be proud of is fashion. First of all, it is important to say that sewing production gives jobs to a lot of people here, and in turn the quality of Moldavian sewers is appreciated in all corners of the world. Suffice it to mention that the majority of global brands have their collections made in Moldova, from Armani to Zara. 

Gaining experience in this field inevitably led to the foundation of local brands, which on all stages produce their clothes and accessories in Moldova. These examples are not accidental; now there are numerous companies offering customers their products “Made in Moldova”. But the fact that this process has just started has made these brands come together under a sign “Din Inima” which literally means “From our heart”.

In Chisinau the store is located in the City Hall building, which itself is a masterpiece and the city’s symbol, built by its most famous architect Alexander Bernardazzi. Unfortunately, only women clothes are presented here, but my wife is a regular customer and she says the brand “Katya Gri” is the trendiest.

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Bulevardul Ștefan cel Mare și Sfînt 83, Chisinau

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08:30 - 20:00 daily


Women dress: MDL 800


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