Büdchen am Nikolausplatz Cologne

Image by Julia Krakau

Büdchen am Nikolausplatz – A personal story

The kiosk located at the corner of Remigiusstrasse and Lotharstrasse in Sülz is the “Büdchen” of my childhood. Playing or roller skating in the streets, my friends and I used to seize upon every opportunity to spend very small amounts of money on sweets of any kind.

Since those days, this Büdchen experienced a come-and-go of many different operators – some of them running the small kiosk for years, others just for a short period of time, but the general appearance was becoming more and more shabby.

In early 2016 my friend Martin took over the Büdchen. He refurbished the old hut and when he re-opened it in spring 2016, I immediately fell in love with the coffee machine and the new design and alignment of the kiosk. And…well…for more than four years now, I find myself selling sweets, ice-cream and coffee and chatting with people on Wednesday afternoons.

Meanwhile, a group of enthusiasts (and also Spotter Steph) joined Team Büdchen.  We all share the same goal: bringing together our neighbourhood. Our non-profit project is gaining momentum and we are very grateful that we can count on the support of so many amazing people! <3

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Details about this spot



Remigiusstraße 59, Cologne

Opening Times

Mon - Sat 15:00 - 18:00


Cappuccino: € 2.30

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