Kirche Christi Auferstehung Cologne

Image by Jana Balter

Kirche Christi Auferstehung – Brutalism’s finest

This building mainly causes two reactions. First option: interesting! Second one: Urgh. 

That is kind of the thing with Brutalism anyway, and the church of Christi Auferstehung (ascension) is one of its prime examples. 

The architect Gottfried Böhm built this church between 1968 and 1970. It is located in the middle of the Lindenthaler Kanäle.

Concrete and bricks form the outer facade of the building, the spiralling bellfry captures the viewer’s attention immediately. The wrinkled and polygonal shape gives the impression of some sort of medieval castle. 

It really is really worth it to take a look inside. The contrast between the concrete and brick can be found here as well. The concrete ceiling is light as well as heavy, which creates a feeling between hope and fear at the same time. The ceiling grows higher and higher and reaches the highest point above the altar.

You should check it out yourself to know if you belong to group who’s first reaction is “Urgh” — I certainly think this place is highly interesting.

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