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About me
I am a Swede living in Copenhagen. I have lived here since 2014 and I work as a surgeon. As soon as I get the chance, I try to visit some of the new restaurants in town. I love going out to dinner, having a couple of drinks and just hanging out with my friends. I also enjoy cooking and inviting people over to my home. After the pandemic, I have realized how much I love and actually need traveling, and every holiday, my boyfriend and I try to go abroad. One way or another, we almost always end up in Italy!

Why Copenhagen?
I love Copenhagen since you can’t run out of new, cool places to visit. There is always a new bar, a new play to see, a new vintage shop or a new place to jump into the water. During the last five years, in central Copenhagen along the canal, many new swimming facilities have been built. There are piers, places to change, bars to buy wine or water everywhere along the canal. It is so cool you don’t need a car to drive all the way to the beach or fight with all the families about a spot on the sand. You can just jump into the water everywhere!

I also enjoy the fact that Copenhagen is not “too big,” it is the perfect size. You can bike everywhere (and it is easy to bike!), you don’t have to plan everything ahead, there is room to be spontaneous. Also, it could hardly be any more convenient than taking the metro – 15 minutes to Copenhagen airport and then you can travel wherever you want to go.

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