Dupong Bar Copenhagen

Image by Pernille Grønnegaard Gunnløgsson

Dupong Bar – Ping pong palace

Just the other day I had a chat with a friend about how we should open a bar, a kind of drunk conversation that always ends up with a crazy concept and a stupidly clever name. My idea was to create a bar with different beer bottles and a big selection of them. It should be easy-going, more of a hangout than a club. Just a place to enjoy yourself, meet people and have a beer or 10.

Cut to one day later, where I go with some friends to Dupong bar. Turns out I’m not the genius I thought I was. Here they had everything I imagined a bar should be: very cheap beer in bottles – and a lot of them, so there’s something for every taste; music, that makes it easy to talk, but still create a vibe; and a ping pong table. A ping pong table, where you “rent” the paddle for 30 kr. and get a beer in return, when you return it.

Damn it this is clever.

Play a round of “around the table”. Drink a beer while you are at it. Meet a new friend/ping pong challenger.

It’s as simple as the name: Dupong bar – Beer and ping pong.

Start here early. Go dance somewhere else afterwards. Maybe with your new ping pong buddy.

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Details about this spot



Griffenfeldsgade 52, Copenhagen

Opening Times

Wed 18:00 - 01:00, Thu 18:00 - 02:00, Fri - Sat 18:00 - 02:00


Beer: DKK 30


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