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Kronborggade 3 – Smoking allowed – not required

There aren’t many public places in Copenhagen that allow smoking. But if an establishment is small enough, the owner can choose to allow it. Kronborggade 3 is such a place. On their Facebook page it says “Smoking permitted – but not a requirement”, though if you’re a non-smoker, you will have to have a very high tolerance for cigarette smoke to stand an evening at Kronborggade 3.

But for those of us who still sneak out for a sinful weekend cigarette, Kronborggade 3 is an excellent choice. It is a place for talking, smoking and drinking, and with regard to the drinking bit Kronborggade 3 serves a large variety of domestic and imported beers from breweries such as Evil Twin Brewing. To my great delight they also serve Sheppy’s, Thatcher’s and Burrow Hill cider, or you can get a vodka with a pickle: the pickle is, however, optional. The music, which is mostly in the rock/indie-oriented end of the scale, is kept at a level where it does not drown out conversation completely.

This is not a fancy bar at all. It’s a modern version of a local bar or old-school pub and it’s almost always crowded, so arrive early.

The bar is located in a residential area and so for the sake of neighbours and the bar’s continued existence it will be greatly appreciated if you keep the noise level down when leaving the bar.

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Kronborggade 3, Copenhagen

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Mon - Sat 14:00 - 01:00


Beers from : DKK 25


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