“If there is room in your heart there is room in your house.”

Author: Dee Lee (CultureMee Founder and CEO)

This Danish proverb hints the gentle kindness of the locals in Copenhagen.

This shows how Denmark is a feminine society where the locals here really value their work life balance. It is the opposite of “survival of the fittest” cultures you might see in the USA or Japan for example.

I loved my time travelling to Copenhagen, especially how easy it was to get around by bike in this enchanting city. By night, I loved the hidden bars and quirky yet cosy speakeasies, some of whom required a password to get access to!

This example goes to the heart of why we started CultureMee, our free app which helps you embrace culture when travelling abroad.

We have Denmark and 70 other countries covered, including every country in Europe.

So what is CultureMee?

High level, we help you unlock the local culture, including basic do’s and don’ts, dining etiquette and business culture (useful when negotiating in the local markets!).

We also provide lots of handy travel advice for typical traveller frustrations such as visas, vaccinations and plugs.

We recently launched a video platform, which will put you in the driving seat to give your own perspective on culture.

For anyone still hungry for more, we’ve got plenty of fun facts you keep you entertained. Did you know the unibrow is considered a highly attractive feature in women in Tajikistan?

Join us on our journey to help bring culture to the world, one traveller at a time.

To see one of our culture inspiration videos, see:

To see John and I explain our CultureMee app, visit http://culturemee.com/videos/video.html?id=r1ab7fa452cb0fca087175f5b204d5b1.

P.S. Here’s two more of our CultureMee fun facts; did you know that the Danes are the 2nd happiest people in the world according to the World Happiness Report? Or that the Danish flag is the oldest flag in the world?

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