The Cisterns Copenhagen

Image by Sigrid Sturlason

The Cisterns – The old water reservoir

Step underground into a Copenhagen time capsule. This old water reservoir was established shortly after a cholera epidemic in 1853 had wiped out a great number of the city’s residents, mostly due to infected waters in the many wells throughout the city. The Cisterns then played an important role in enhancing the drinking water. It was built on top of the hill across from Frederiksberg Palace in order to achieve sufficient water pressure for the new tall town houses in Copenhagen.

The Cisterns ceased to function as water reservoirs in 1933 and are now an exhibition space showcasing art installations based on the very special properties of the space.

This year’s main exhibition is by a Japanese architect who works with the details of nature, scientific phenomena and adaption and prosperity of organisms into the given environmental conditions. As a visitor I experienced how I had to accustom my eyes to the darkness and my breathing to the humidity – only then could I start to take in the playful daylight ingress controlled to a certain extent with mirrors and otherwise only by the shallow water covering the floor. Really worth a visit!

You might have to wait to enter on weekends, so I recommend going there early or late.

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Søndermarken, Copenhagen

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Tue - Sun 11:00 - 15:00


Entrance ticket: DKK 60


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