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Arctic Stone – Hand-rolled ice-cream hits Ireland!

Lately, it feels like there’s a new food trend every week. One moment you should drop everything to try Raindrop cake, the next you simply must sample a sushi doughnut. The latest trend – hand-rolled ice-cream – originated as street-food in Thailand, is a current craze in NYC, and as of very recently, is available for the first time in Ireland.

Arctic Stone was started by Caolan Cullen, a recent college graduate who experienced the phenomenon while travelling in South East Asia and was inspired to bring it to Ireland. Judging by the queues at the People’s Park Market every Sunday, and the fact that they’ll be popping up at other markets and festivals (keep an eye on their social media for updates) hand-rolled ice-cream appears to be a hit.

But what actually is it? You begin by picking your flavour – I chose salted-caramel – and your friendly server dollops caramel and grinds salt onto something closely resembling a hot-plate you’d see at a crepe stall. In this case it’s a very cold plate, however, at -30 degrees. Liquid ice-cream is then poured on top, and your flavour choice is vigorously chopped and infused into it, a spectacle that’s half the appeal of the whole experience. Once the ice-cream freezes it’s spread into a thin layer, and scraped into ‘rolls.’

Served with several toppings of your choice and smothered in hot Nutella sauce, the finished product is a thing of delicious beauty, and (literally) the freshest ice-cream you can possibly taste!

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Sat - Sun 11:00 - 17:00


Per ice-cream: € 5


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