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Jean Jose Garcia Molina (1994)

About me
I am Spanish, born in France. In Spain they call me “Juanjo”, while in France, Ireland and anywhere else they call me “Jean” (in French).

I love buying stuff online (mainly from China), I enjoy travelling and like languages – for now, I speak Spanish, English and French. They’re all reasons why I studied International Trade.

I play the tuba in the Blanchardstown Brass Band (Dublin 15), lots of fun on the rehearsals, gigs, concerts and competitions.

I commute to work riding an electric unicycle, some people think I’m crazy because it is only one wheel and because of the unpredictable Irish weather.

I organise two MeetUps in Dublin, one about electric unicycle rides and another about online shopping, e-commerce and importing from China for yourself or wholesale. I also attend other MeetUps.

Why Dublin
Dublin is a “small” capital, however much bigger than where I come from (Aguilas, Murcia, Spain) and there are a lot of things to do and lots of people to meet with whom I share passions and interests, leading to very interesting conversations and friendships.

Also, I want to add that in Dublin, since I arrived in 2014, I’ve noticed that it doesn’t rain as much as people think! When it does rain, it usually is very light rain. 2016’s rainfall: 700mm, which is just about double than in the Mediterranean beach town I’m from and less than what it rains in the north of Spain. When it comes to cloudy days, there are many of those in Ireland, but weather is never an excuse to not have a good time in Dublin!

Where else can you find me online?

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