Best Dublin Blogs 2021 – As Selected by Locals!

We asked our own Dublin bloggers about their favorite independent Dublin blogs & websites. Here’s a list of their tips in alphabetical order!

Come Here To Me

If you’re looking for a blog that combines cultural contents with LGBT history, food and art spaces within Dublin, you should check out Come Here To Me. The blog takes an interesting twist in bringing reader’s information about the city of Dublin by writing well thought out, informative articles about the best places to check out in Dublin according to locals – particularly places that have a lot of significant meaning to the cultural history of the city. French Foodie in Dublin

French Foodie in Dublin

Ketty Quigley is the creator of the French Foodie in Dublin blog and has a passion for finding great food in the city of Dublin. The places she writes about vary from fancier places to amazing hidden food stands! She really has a passion for food, which is why you can find great places to eat on this blog, but also amazing recipes for when you’re feeling like a night in. Next to writing this blog she also runs Delicious Dublin Tours, which are tours through Dublin with, you guessed it, food as the main focus.

Lovin Dublin

If you’re looking for a blog that brings up-to-date information about places to eat, events to check out, and tips on where to go and what to see while in Dublin, then Lovin Dublin is a blog that you should check out! This blog is run by Dublin locals who want to bring readers interesting and informative articles about fun events, great places to eat and drink, and cool cultural tidbits about the city!

Stitch and Bear

The Stitch and Bear is a contemporary foodie blog that exclusively writes about the best local spots in Dublin! The blog writes about budget-sensitive places, fine dining, wine tastings, and gives interesting information about new and classic restaurants, bars and pubs within the city of Dublin. They provide readers with up to date information, update regularly, and always have fun articles about events in places they’ve written about before!

Totally Dublin

When it comes to detailed and extensive lists of events to participate in or check out while in Dublin, Totally Dublin is a blog that comes to mind. Locally run, the blog focuses mainly on current and upcoming events in Dublin, from fashion and cultural events to food and leisure events.

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