Dicey's Garden Club Dublin

Image by Jean Jose Garcia Molina

Dicey’s Garden Club – Cheapest pint in Dublin? 2€

Dicey’s Garden looks small from the outside, however, it is huge on the inside!

It has one of the best beer gardens in Dublin, attracting people of all ages and from all over the world.

The best: 2€ for all pints and bottles on MON, THU, FRI and SUN; TUE – 2.50€; SAT – 2€ until 22:00, 4.50€ after 22:00.

Entry is free until a certain time every day, it changes depending on the day and season. What usually doesn’t change is that on Sundays entry is free until 19:00, so be sure to arrive at about 18:00 to avoid a long queue, which can usually be 30min or more, and paying 5€ from 19:00 and 10€ from 21:00 to 22:00, depending on the day. Due to this, it is busy from as early as 18:00!

They also have 2€ fast food from 22:00.


Spirits are not cheap, about 5€ for the spirit and 3€ for the mixer (small bottle of soft drink). So if you’re planning to order a coke or any non-alcoholic drink, I suggest you try a squash instead (orange, blackcurrant…) which is much cheaper (1.50€).

My favourites are Kopparberg cider, which is only 2€ as well most days, while it costs about 3€ at the supermarkets! Orchard Thieves Cider (Bandit Cider in Netherlands) is also great; if you order it, I suggest you ask for the bottle (568ml), instead of the pint (500ml), mainly if you want to enjoy it over ice, as both are the same price.

Kopparberg is very popular. Once they sell all the cold bottles, they will keep selling more, even if not cold.

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Details about this spot



21-25 Harcourt Street, Dublin

Telephone number


Opening Times

16:00 - 03:00 daily


Pints/Bottles: € 2


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