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IFI – Non-blockbusters

I have to say I’m not the greatest films lover, but wherever I am, I always prefer smaller, independent cinemas to big chains. Watching a film is quite an intimate experience for me, and I would rather avoid the popcorn kind of crowd.

I discovered the Irish Film Institute pretty much in my first week in Dublin, when I went there to see a Nick Cave documentary – yes they do show that kind of stuff too! In fact, it’s one of the safest bets whenever there’s a screening going on of a lesser-known, hype free type of movies. There’s indeed no popcorn, but people still bring crisps and jellies sometimes, so it’s not entirely noise-free, but I’m okay with that.

Every now and then, there’s an occasional blockbuster as well, but IFI is the only cinema in Ireland showing 70 mm film, so it’s supposed to be good for big battle or space scenes. And every now and then, they also have festivals of French, Italian cinema, etc. There’s a little cafe inside, as well as a DVD shop, and even when there’s a choice of multiple cinemas showing the same movie, I’m more likely to pick IFI even over other smaller places in Dublin.

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6 Eustace Street, Dublin

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10:00 - 23:00 daily


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