Irish couple help bring culture to the world

Author: Dee Lee (CultureMee CEO and Founder)

One of the biggest gifts John and I were given is our Irish culture and our Irish heritage.

No matter where in the world you travel to, as soon as you say “Ireland” when asked where you’re from, people’s eyes just light up.

Why is this?

Being Irish goes far beyond the simple stereotype of happy-go-lucky people who enjoy the odd pint or two in a pub, so maybe by trying to understand Irish culture, we might find some clues.

In fact, by simply taking some time to understand any culture you’re travelling to, you might unlock much more about the locals than you can imagine.

You might even learn more about your own culture.

“That’s the Irish people all over – they treat a serious thing as a joke and a joke as a serious thing.”

Coming back to Irish culture, this quote from dramatist Sean O’Casey might reveal a clue as it hints at the unique, creative, mischievous character that you find in Irish people.

The most important lesson here is that we don’t take ourselves too seriously here in Ireland, so maybe that helps us connect better with other cultures, but we’ll leave that to you to decide for yourself when you get here.

This example goes to the heart of why we started CultureMee, an Irish startup which is free app to help you embrace culture when travelling abroad.

So what is CultureMee?

High level, we help you unlock the local culture, including basic do’s and don’ts, dining etiquette and business culture (useful when negotiating in the local markets!).

We also provide lots of handy travel advice for typical traveller frustrations such as visas, vaccinations and plugs.

We recently launched a video platform, which will put you in the driving seat to give your own perspective on culture.

For anyone still hungry for more, we’ve got plenty of fun facts you keep you entertained. Did you know Ireland reports the lowest annual number of UFO sightings in Europe?

Join us on our journey to help bring culture to the world, one traveller at a time.

To see John and I explain our CultureMee app, visit

To see a video to give some inspiration about culture (some of which was shot in Ireland), see:

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