Library Bar Dublin

Image by Jean Jose Garcia Molina

Library Bar – Quiet and very comfortable pub

The perfect place for a conversation and a cup of tea/coffee or a beer/cider.

Each time I want to meet with a group of people to have a conversation without having issues with the music being too loud, I go to The Library Bar because there is no music!

It is one of Dublin’s hidden gems which people are trying to keep a secret so they have a place to sit when they go. I hope I will still find a seat myself after sharing this with you! 😉

Update: It happened, it is getting quite popular and I had no place to seat a few times already.

I’ve even heard that this pub sells more tea than beer, which is very strange in Ireland – even if tea is quite popular, beer is usually even more popular.

Beer/cider prices are the normal ones for Dublin City, about 5-6€.

They have a few different teas, I always have the regular tea for 2.75€ which includes a small cookie and more than enough milk (for people like me who like having almost as much milk as tea haha), it is enough to fill 3 of the small cups they give you.

This is also a place I like going to for working on my laptop while relaxing and having my cup of tea 🙂

To get to the bar you have to go through The Central Hotel reception, turn left, go up the stairs and then left again. 

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Details about this spot



1-5 Exchequer St., Dublin

Telephone number


Opening Times

Mon - Sat 10:00 - 23:00, Sun 12:00 - 23:00


Regular tea: € 2.75


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