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Vish Shop – Give fish a break

Dublin is not really big into street food to compare to other cities around the world, but you can find here a few small shops that sell food “street food style” and Vish Shop is one of them.

It’s actually quite an interesting concept, as officially it’s a take away place, but there are few chairs and a bar around the window so you can sit in and consume right away. The quality of the food is good, I mean… reeeeally good and the reason for it is that the menu was created by a fantastic chef from sister-restaurant Veginity a few doors down the street. Veginity is a proper sit-down restaurant also with a plant-based menu, but it’s Vish Shop that is sooo unique.

Classic all-time-favourites have been reinvented here, like for example the fish and chips (‘Original Vish’ on the menu): the ‘fish’is made from cassava and wild Irish seaweed, making the entire shop completely plant-based. They also have Cauliflower Wings that taste almost exactly like buffalo wings, or my absolute favourite: Korean Carrot Dog as a great alternative for a hot dog.

This is a perfect place to grab a bite on the go that is both delicious and quite cheap.

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Details about this spot



1 Blessington Street, Dublin

Telephone number


Opening Times

Sun - Tue 12:00 - 21:00, Wed - Sat 12:00 - 22:00


Meal: € 6


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