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Lisa Hammarlund (1983)

About me
Born and raised in Sweden, I’ve always had that wanderlust. It was probably passed on to me genetically, but it’s also because my parents always took me and my sister on trips. Whenever I was home I remember looking at travel magazines and dreaming of visiting the rest of the world. I came to Florence in 2005, for what was intended as another temporary stay to study fashion design, instead love made me settle here permanently. Double love. Meeting my husband and an instant and always growing love for this unique city.

Fashion, art and yoga are the pillars of my life and I love running, nature, music and traveling. Of course like most people living in this country I’m also a food and wine enthusiast! Always ready for an aperitivo with friends or a spontaneous dinner.

Why Florence?
There is so much to love about Florence. The beauty, all the history and art, so many amazing restaurants and bars and the weather is nice and warm. The city is very international and always surprises me with its constant changes. There’s always enough reason to stay up to date and find new places to try.

I like the mix of tradition and novelty. I also enjoy the size. It feels like a very small and intimate city but it never bores me and there’s a lot to see and try. Even the ice cream shops are enough to keep you occupied for a lifetime ;). What else can I say? Florence is magical!

Where can you find me online?
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