Trattoria Sabatino Florence

Image by Raffaello Baldini

Trattoria Sabatino – Homestyle restaurant

You may find many different reviews about Sabatino. They all sound more or less like “typical restaurant, family run, good meal, excellent prices”. All true, but not the main core…..

Let’s start with the location: San Frediano was traditionally a working-class district and still reminds of an independent borough. Sabatino matches this perfectly and is very easy to find just at the corner of one of the oldest doors of the city.

Food: pleasant dishes, simple ingredients, local recipes. Good, but nothing fancy or gourmet… in other words the way our grandmothers cooked (… though mine probably has no idea what “Gourmet” means!)

Everything there is reminiscent of old local traditions: from the white-red checkered tablecloth, to the menus (typewritten, rigorously only in Italian, and if there are some foreign words … probably misspelled, just transcribed the way they are pronounced in Italian! If you do not understand a word in Italian don’t worry … the youngest of the family (who works in the trattoria together with his parents and grandparents) will help you. If he is not on duty the best way to order is just by indicating the dishes other people ordered.

If it’s busy you can be seated with other diners. The atmosphere is very familiar, uncomplicated and typically… loud!

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Details about this spot



Via Pisana 2/r, Florence

Telephone number


Opening Times

Mon - Fri 12:00 - 14:30 & 19:15 - 22:00


Dinner: € 20


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