13- Dreizehn Shop Frankfurt

Image by Nina Kristin Gür

13- Dreizehn Shop – Vintage fashion with a soul

13 Vintage Store is one of the prettiest vintage stores I have ever seen, and how lucky am I it happens to be in Frankfurt!

You should plan on giving the store a visit as you won’t stumble across it when strolling through the city. However, it is still within short-walking distance of the main shopping areas and on the way between Willy-Brandt-Platz and Römer.

Allegra, the owner, has got a lengthy experience in the world of Fashion herself, and now puts all her heart and knowledge into her own project, which is immediately visible in the store’s window decoration. 

A lot of Allegra’s fashion-minded friends (including myself) hand in their wardrobe here, and most of the items you’ll find in the store are quite special, but there are always fashion basics as well.

The selection is sorted by color, so you can leave those you’re not looking for aside. Price-wise, a lot of the articles are from designer brands, so the average price range cannot be considered as “cheap”, however if you are aware of the original prices of Maison Scotch, Samsoe&Samsoe, Kenzo & Co, you will be happy about some of the good bargains.

The store offers a great variety of accessory highlights, especially bags and jewellery, and if you’re lucky enough to find the right shoe size, you will leave with a new favorite pair!

Even if you don’t find anything, after a chat with Allegra, you will leave the store with a better mood than before!

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