Bodrum Frankfurt

Image by Alexandra Sepúlveda

Bodrum – Say “Merhaba”!

Turkish food is one of my favourites – fresh ingredients and plenty of vegetables, deftly combined with few spices and with a marvelous taste. Bodrum is one of those places that presents you with flavours so special that if you are not yet a fan of Turkish delicacies, you will become one in no time.

They have great Turkish pastries that make amazing snacks such as Gözleme (very thin pancake-like roll with spinach and cheese) or Böreği (phyllo of puff pastry with minced meat, or spinach and cheese). If you are up for a heartier meal, you can also find some home-made dishes for take-away, such as hummus, grilled aubergine, manti (a kind of ravioli) or sarma (rolls wine leaves filled with rice).

There are only of couple of standing places inside, but if the weather is nice a couple of tables are placed outside, so you can also enjoy a cup of Turkish tea or coffee with some sweet baklava or home-made biscuits.

One can find plenty of Turkish food places, but I always end up returning to Bodrum. I find their delicacies particularly well made and I love that fact that everyone is always welcomed with a smile. Enter and say “Merhaba“, and see if you aren’t treated like a friend. Sometimes they will even offer you tea or some small extra pastries for you to try – and why wouldn’t they? It is quite certain that you are coming back! 😉

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Leipzigerstr. 57, Frankfurt

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Mon - Fri 08:30 - 18:30, Sat 08:00 - 14:00


Böreği, Gozleme: € 3
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