Chá Dào Teehaus Frankfurt

Image by Aroon Nagersheth

Chá Dào Teehaus – China tea & art

When I went to buy my 15-year-old godson a present voucher for a Chinese tea ceremony at Chá Dào, they asked if I wanted the two hours ceremony. I was doubtful if he’d enjoy such a long event – we ended up sitting for nearly three and a half hours (!) had a lot of fun and learned so much!

Chá Dào is a mix between a shop for tea and accessories and a tea room. But far more than that, Gerhard Thamm, who owns the place, is an incredibly engaging and fascinating ambassador of the Chinese tea culture. We could have gone on listening to his explanations for even longer!

The introduction ceremony we had was set-up for a small party of three. You sit around little tables in the tea room. Everything was well explained and demonstrated and we got to taste, celebrate and even worship 3-4 different kinds of teas.

Brewing, stirring, mixing, shaking and of course drinking the tea constitutes the ceremony, not to forget to pour the first brew away and to pour a bit of every brew over the Chinese clay frog in the middle of the table for good luck. We got to do it ourself and became true masters of the ceremony.

NǏ HǍO and welcome! Once you know the ceremony, you can actually just go for tea at Chá Dào Teehaus, simply brew, prepare and enjoy the tea yourself there, or even impress your friends and guests with your multicultural knowledge and skills.

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Friedrichstraße 10-12, Frankfurt

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Opening Times

Mon - Sat 10:00 - 21:00 and by appointment


Session for 3: € 80


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