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Anna-Lena Schluchter (1989)

About me
Originally from the German speaking part of Switzerland, I’ve called Geneva home since 2013. I love travelling and I have the urge to discover at least four or five new places every year.

Beyond that, dancing (modern and contemporary dance), eating, writing, reading (the best thing is to read a good book on the beach) and stimulating discussions with my friends form a big part of my life. I also love cycling and plan to do a bike tour around the whole Lake of Geneva this summer or autumn.

Why Geneva?
Geneva is probably the smallest, most international place on earth. I find it fascinating that important political decisions are discussed and made here. With all its international organizations and NGOs it is a magnet for people with the most interesting backgrounds from all over the world. I love the multicultural and multilingual character of the town.

At the same time, Geneva and its surroundings are distinctively Swiss, sometimes really rural. The contrast between those extremes is what fascinates me about this city.

Besides that, I love the lake, the many small restaurants and cafes, and the nearby nature, in particular the picturesque vineyards.

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