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Juliette Bourquin (1986)

About me
I am a very curious and enthusiastic Geneva-born person. I am always looking to discover new attractions in Geneva, where I currently live, or in the cities and countries I visit.

While I was living in Berlin and Bern, I enjoyed sharing the places I lived in by writing mini guidebooks for my family and friends. Upon returning to my hometown, I wanted to keep sharing all of the nice and surprising places that Geneva has to offer to people discovering Geneva. Therefore, I decided to become a Spotter.

My interests include brunch, theater, nature, cycling, cooking, traveling, swimming, or having a drink with friends.

Why Geneva?
I like Geneva for its contrasts, which make the city interesting and pleasant to live in and visit. Between the lake and mountains, this small-big city is a mix of local people and expats working for NGOs, which oddly enough almost never meet each other.

Geneva is openminded and a cultural melting-pot where you can’t walk 200m without hearing at least three different languages. I love that.

The city is overflowing with surprising, nice and affordable spots. The difficulty can just be to find them… I hope that my articles will help you to enjoy them.

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